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rightswiper Oct 22, 2023

Welcome To RightSwiper

We are Craig and Mark, friends of over thirty years. We met back in 1993 in Coventry, England. Mark, or Keeny as I have always called him, was an established night-time radio host at Mercia FM when I arrived as a 19-year-old, fresh-faced Breakfast show presenter. Despite working at opposite ends of the day, we quickly became friends. We shared the same off-beat sense of humor and didn't like to play office politics like so many others.

Keeping hold of friendships in the broadcast industry is complicated. My average stay at any one radio station was two years. Leaving a radio job differs from a standard office job because there is likely only one or two radio stations in a town. A job change typically meant relocating several hundreds of miles each time. The life of a radio presenter is an insecure one. You can lose your job because of poor listening figures or just because a new programme director comes in and takes a dislike to your face. I decided to protect myself against the whims of an asshole boss by becoming one. It's much harder to get fired if you are the guy that does the firing. Mark decided to take the other root, sticking with his passion for being on the air. Despite our different paths around the United Kingdom, we always stayed in touch. My management career meant I could even hire my old mate when on-air vacancies came up at my radio stations.

Our lives have always had a spooky linear undercurrent to them. As the UK commercial radio industry quietly slipped into terminal decline. Mark and I noticed this and began planning our escape many years before our colleagues even began to wonder if the internet would destroy their only revenue stream. Mark started training as a smoking cessation therapist and entirely independently, without any discussion; I started training as an NLP therapist and working with people who had developed alcohol issues. We both became fascinated by what makes people tick. What motivates people to behave the way they do? We understood that escaping pain or striving for pleasure was at the core of all human behavior, but what intrigued us was why people sometimes did things that led to the very outcome they were trying to avoid.

As we drifted in and out of relationships and internet dating moved from being a slightly embarrassing novelty to the mainstream way of meeting people, we got passionate about understanding how this new exciting game was played and won. We wanted to deconstruct online dating into a million tiny pieces and put it back together again. Not because we intended to write a book about it thirty years later but because we wanted to maximize our chances of finding the one without any of the usual nonsense, game playing, and time wasting.

Mark and I have always had different goals. I wanted to find my soulmate as quickly as possible. He prefers a more fluid, live-for-the-moment approach. Regardless, we both used the techniques and secrets in this book (and the VIP club available at www.RightSwiper.com) to get our desired outcomes. Six years ago, I met the woman of my dreams on a dating website in Cyprus. I had to meet her, had to stand out from the crowd, and demonstrate that I was the man she wanted to be with for the rest of her life. I will be honest with you here: I didn't play fair. I used everything I knew about how the online dating game is played. I called on my knowledge and passion for the psychology of attraction to ensure that I came across well, impressed, and stood head and shoulders above all the other guys trying to catch her attention.

Our course in online dating success isn't just to do with your appearance or looking better. Mark and I have never claimed to be the best-looking guys around. We have never traded on our looks. We deeply understand what online daters are looking for and, perhaps more importantly, what they are trying to avoid. There are little things you can do in your profile, pictures, and messages that will kill your chances of securing a first date stone dead. Most people don't know what they don't know and slowly get increasingly frustrated at their constant failed dating attempts. We have met so many people who make blanket statements like 'all the men on dating sites are only after one thing'. Men constantly complain to us that 'women don't give nice guys a chance'. All of them are blissfully unaware that their technique is creating the very outcome they despise.

Harking back to those radio days when Mark and I were working for the first time together, we shared a common enthusiasm for creativity. We constantly tried adding new ideas and creative features to our radio shows. This is why we entered the industry in the first place, to entertain people.

We had grown up listening to radio presenters who had inspired us and we wanted to be our own versions of those people.

However, in 1993, the radio station we were both working on was taken over by a different company which had an approach to radio that was the complete and utter antithesis of what we were about. They applauded monotony and punished creativity. In short, they destroyed UK radio.

However, both Mark and I have another thing in common, we have always tried to draw positivity from adversity. We are both experts at this. We have often found ourselves in situations where we have seen the writing on the wall, or the sword of Damocles swinging inevitably towards us!

But we have always managed to draw something good out of a negative situation and learn from it.

One of the approaches of this company we like to think destroyed radio in the UK was 'Inside/Outside Thinking'. It wasn't a new concept and is used by many different companies using many different names but Inisde/Outside Thinking is in fact an instrumental concept.

As radio presenters, we were told to stop thinking about our shows and how we saw them but as how the listeners would find them. For example, as a 19-year-old boy presenting a local radio show, I may have found the public service feature about a new Parent/Toddler group to be the most tedious part of the show. However, to some young parents, this would have been the most interesting thing they heard that day.

Mark did a degree in Communication Studies and was always interested in models of communication. One of the most famous is the Shannon Weaver Model, which shows how the message transmitted from someone is sometimes different from the message received. There is a concept, known as 'noise' which basically means interference between transmission of a message and reception.

Therefore, in your profile pictures, you may think it's a good idea to put one photo of your face and then 5 pictures of landscapes as you believe it's essential your potential partner knows you like landscapes, and they must like them too.

That's the INSIDE thinking; that's how YOU perceive it.

The OUTSIDE thinking, the way the recipient sees it may be: Oh my, this person cannot be bothered to send some photos of themselves apart from one, which looks old and they are lazy because they have just filled up the other slots with landscapes of places they've probably never even been to but just downloaded from the internet.


A better approach is to put ONE landscape picture up, but make sure YOU are in it, clearly visible, smiling.

So, it's essential to understand that how you think you might be portraying yourself may not be how others are seeing you.

Another example, ladies, if all you are getting is dick pics and married men, there is a good chance you are attracting them somehow. It's easy to get offended by that sort of statement, but this is not about blame or fault. It's not your fault that these loser guys are constantly spamming your inbox, but it is YOUR responsibility to stop it. In our VIP club, we will teach you how to do that. Mark will show you the hands-on secrets of creating a winning dating profile, getting the images right, making a great first impression, and keeping safe on those nerve-wracking first dates.

In 2001, I wrote my first book called 'The New Science Of Persuasion And Influence'. It started my decades of research into understanding human behavior and motivation. I will share the psychology of attraction with you in this book and the online course especially. You will discover what men and women REALLY want (and no, it's not the obvious), how to use the secrets of a master hypnotist to make a powerful and deep connection, how to read body language and spot liars and cheats from a mile away.

Mark and I are passionate about giving you all the tools you need to quickly find 'the one'. This is not really a book for players and pick-up artists, our goal is that you use online dating apps for the shortest possible time and quickly end up blissfully happy with the man or woman of your dreams.

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So many people get worn out by the nonsense of internet dating, complaining that "all the men on dating sites are only after one thing" or "women don't give nice guys a chance." Unbeknownst to them, their approach is unwittingly crafting the outcomes they so vehemently despise. RightSwiper teaches you to change that for good. 

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