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So many people get worn out by the nonsense of internet dating, complaining that "all the men on dating sites are only after one thing" or "women don't give nice guys a chance." Unbeknownst to them, their approach is unwittingly crafting the outcomes they so vehemently despise. RightSwiper teaches you to change that for good. 


Make Finding The One Easy

Many people have dating profiles laden with hidden elements and messages that can instantly extinguish their chances of success. Stop being one of the many. 

Stand Out From The Crowd

The secrets revealed here are not the usual impractical advice. This knowledge has been dragged kicking and screaming from real-life dating experiences.

Understand People Better

You'll uncover the powerful principles of Inside/Outside Thinking, propelling you toward success in the unpredictable world of online dating. 


The RightSwiper Authors And Coaches

Craig Beck

Craig Beck ABNLP.

Craig Beck is a bestselling personal development author - and former Sony Radio Academy award-winning broadcaster who is now an NLP master practitioner and American board-certified coach.

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Mark Keen

Mark Keen BA(Hons).

Mark Keen is a hugely successful author, broadcaster, and therapist. Widely regarded as one of the world's foremost experts on internet dating, he teamed up with Craig to create RightSwiper in 2023.

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The Complete Insider's Dating Course

The 10 Secrets To A Winning Dating Profile

If online dating is frustrating you. If you keep meeting Mr/Miss Wrong, your profile will likely attract the outcome you hate. Discover the secret to blocking the losers and pulling in the keepers.


Industry Secrets Revealed

Taking Perfect Dating Profile Photos

A professional photographer gives you the secrets to taking and posting amazing, flattering, but honest dating photos. 9/10 dating profiles make severe mistakes in this vital area... we show you how not to be one of them. 


How To Make A Knock Out First Impression

The Psychology Of Attraction

Ever wondered what makes the opposite sex tick? An NLP and body language expert will teach you the secret to subliminal communication. Plus, how to spot liars, cheats, and the married a mile off. This section of the VIP can save you a LOT of heartache and wasted time. 


How To Demonstrate That You Are A Catch

Making That First Approach

So many RightSwipers blow an excellent profile and photos without knowing what to say in the first approach and subsequent messages. Craig and Mark spent three decades in the broadcast industry. They know how to make you shine bright in your communication. You will stand out from the crowd easily. 


This Section Could Save Your Life

Staying Safe And Avoiding Scammers

We could open any dating site and find thousands of people unwittingly exposing themselves to life-altering risks within seconds. Criminals and scammers are working the dating sites daily - they are sophisticated and difficult to detect... our VIPs get unique coaching that could, one day, save their lives. 


Get An Expert Review Of Your Dating Profile

Free Dating Profile Critiques

As a RightSwiper VIP, you can have your dating profile reviewed by Craig and Mark. Your photos, bio, and details will be put under the microscope to provide you with priceless advice and feedback to find 'the one' online quickly. 


What RightSwipers Are Saying

Our VIP club members success speaks volumes.

"I was just about to give up on the whole idea of internet dating. These guys changed everything." 

Alexis Ryan

Leeds, United Kingdom

"Eventually you realize that it's not a level playing field. Those who know, win the game... simple." 

Jason McBriant

Nashville, United States

"Thank you Craig And Mark. The course completely changed my approach to internet dating. " 

Christine Smith

Chicago, United States

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