Dating Tips: How To Tell If Your Date Likes You

psychology of attraction Nov 21, 2023

How To Tell If Your Date Likes You

You have managed to get to the tricky first date. In theory, your search for 'the one' should be over shortly, right? But, no, you have been here before. Dates that seemed to go well but went nowhere. You thought they liked you, but you never heard from them again! So how can you tell if someone really likes you and is not just putting on an Oscar-winning first-date performance?

Determining if someone is attracted to you is a nuanced skill that demands astute observation of their behavior, body language, and communication. While there is no infallible formula for deciphering attraction, numerous signs and cues can offer valuable insights into whether someone has a romantic interest in you.

Eye Contact:

One of the most fundamental indicators of attraction is eye contact. When someone is attracted to you, their gaze often lingers and intensifies. They may also exhibit "bedroom eyes," characterized by dilated pupils, signifying heightened interest and desire. This form of prolonged eye contact reveals an intimate connection and is a clear non-verbal declaration of their attraction.

Smiling and Laughter:

A genuine, frequent, warm smile is a powerful manifestation of attraction. When people are attracted to you, they find your company enjoyable and relish your humor. They laugh at your jokes enthusiastically, even those that may not be particularly amusing. Their melodic or hearty laughter is a testament to the genuine pleasure they derive from your presence rather than a nudge for you to take up stand-up.

I was in London recently, and a couple on a date got on the Underground train I was on. It was fascinating to watch the performance. The guy was doing most of the talking, and the girl never let the smile drop. I got a little closer to be nosy and overheard their conversation. It was bland, to be honest, if you wrote down all the words, you would not be looking at a romantic love sonnet or a Chris Rock comedy script; it was, at best, a vanilla chat about everything and nothing. However, the woman was laughing often and enthusiastically. You would think she was listening to Ricky Gervais doing a monologue.

We think animals and their strange little mating rituals are weird. Boy, they have nothing on humans.

Physical Proximity:

Attraction often leads individuals to reduce personal space boundaries. A person attracted to you will consistently find ways to draw physically nearer to you. Whether leaning in during conversations or brushing against you intentionally, this behavior unmistakably conveys their yearning for a closer connection.

The couple on the train also demonstrated this sign. The carriage was only about 20% full, so there was plenty of space, yet they both held onto the same rail, cramped together in the center of the doorway.

I wonder if the guy knew how much the girl liked him. At their age, I would have been clueless.

Mirroring Your Actions:

The art of mirroring entails unconsciously emulating your gestures and body language. It is a spontaneous effort to establish rapport and build a connection. When someone is attracted to you, they naturally synchronize their movements with yours, reflecting the deepening bond they desire.


Appropriate physical touch is a telltale sign of attraction. A person attracted to you may engage in light and intentional physical contact, such as a gentle touch on your arm, a hug with a lingering embrace, or playful nudges. These gestures convey their comfort and desire for physical proximity, signifying attraction.

The train couple once again helped me to demonstrate this behavior. At one point, they noticed they were wearing the same brand and shoe type. The girl pulled out her phone and insisted they put their legs together for a shoe selfie. Seriously, are any of their social media friends going to care that they met someone with the same shoe brand? Of course not, it was an excuse to get closer to each other. The question remains whether they were aware of what they were doing or just going with what felt natural. This stuff fascinates me.

Active Listening:

Attraction motivates active listening. When someone is attracted to you, they display genuine interest in your thoughts and experiences. They ask insightful questions, engaging in meaningful conversation, and commit to memory the details of your life and interests. Their attentiveness underscores their attraction and investment in your connection.


Frequent and heartfelt compliments about your appearance, personality, or accomplishments are strong indicators of attraction. Such compliments demonstrate that they're not only paying attention to you but also find you incredibly impressive. These affirmations are their way of expressing admiration and attraction.

Engagement in Your Interests:

When someone begins to show a keen interest in your hobbies and passions, it suggests a profound desire to connect with you. They are not merely feigning interest; they genuinely want to be a part of your world and share in your enthusiasm. This behavior underscores their attraction and their aspiration for a deeper connection with you.

I am sure you have found yourself doing this yourself.

You: What do you do for a job?
Date: I am an accountant.
You: Wow, really, that's cool.

No it's not. But for some reason, you are suddenly, genuinely interested in what it must be like to be an accountant.

Teasing and Playfulness:

Light-hearted teasing and playful banter are practical tools for creating a fun and flirtatious atmosphere. When someone uses these tactics in your presence, they indicate their attraction to you. Such behavior creates a vibrant, enjoyable dynamic between the two of you.

My daughter is in her twenties and has become a beautiful woman. She works in pharmacy in a public-facing role. Occasionally, she will tell me that some guy said something mean to her today. I always remind her that boys always pull the hair of the girls they like.

Protective Behavior:

People who are attracted to you often exhibit protective behaviors. Their instinct to safeguard and support you in challenging situations is an outward manifestation of their care and concern. This protective demeanor indicates not only attraction but also a willingness to be there for you.

Initiating Contact:

When someone is interested, they will proactively seek ways to establish contact. This may involve sending text messages, making phone calls, or proposing activities to do together. Their consistent effort to connect reflects their attraction and their desire to maintain communication and closeness.

Prioritizing Your Time:

An individual's attraction to you can be seen in their willingness to reorganize their schedule or consciously spend more time with you. This prioritization underscores your significance in their life and reveals their strong emotional attachment.


Though not always a healthy indicator, feelings of jealousy can signal attraction. If someone is bothered by your interactions with others, it clearly indicates that they want your exclusive attention. While jealousy should be cautiously approached, it can signify their attraction to you.

Body Language:

Closely observing a person's broader body language can offer additional confirmation of their attraction. For instance, if they lean in when engaged in conversation, face their body directly toward you, and exhibit a relaxed posture in your presence, these signs serve as tangible proof of their attraction.

Long-Term Plans:

When your conversations start to revolve around long-term plans or future activities together, it signifies that they envision you as an integral part of their future. Such discussions reveal their investment in the longevity of your relationship, affirming their deep attraction and commitment.

It's crucial to remember that while these signs are strong indicators of attraction, they are not infallible. Individual differences and personal experiences can influence how people express their feelings. Some individuals may be friendly and affectionate without necessarily harboring romantic attraction. Thus, while these cues serve as a valuable guideline, trust your instincts and employ open and honest communication to gain clarity about someone's feelings and intentions.

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