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online dating Nov 02, 2023

It’s Bio-Logical

Having highlighted some of the pitfalls when writing your bio, it’s helpful to look at some real-life bios which we took from dating sites for analysis.

Bearing in mind the infinite number of bios that could be written, there’s absolutely no point in trying to cover them all; however, we will be doing more analyses and reviews on both the VIP section of the website and the Youtube channel.
So, in the meantime, we’ve picked out a few that represent a range of different levels of effectiveness, including examples of some outstanding ones.
Feel free to use some of the ideas, but if they don’t fit you exactly, just use them as templates.


So here is one from a woman whose profile stated that she is a 51-year-old female.

61 not 51. Be local please, be taller than 5 foot 8. (1.72m)
I want to start really slowly. Looking for a normal guy, please. Looking for a friendship which may develop into more once a trust has been formed.

I like all the usual stuff, food, going out, staying in, gigs, cinema, countryside, coast, abroad, at home etc etc. My spare time is currently full because it’s spare. If there was a partner, it’d be full of different things.

Just ask me.

Mark says: this is a bit of a mixed bag. The first thing is, she has lied about her age by 10 years. OK, she admits it straightaway, but you have to ask what’s going on here. Many online daters say they don’t like being contacted by much older people, in which case, just delete those approaches when they come in. Don’t stress about it.

But to start your bio by saying you’re ten years younger than stated is a real balloon burster. I saw something similar once when reading another female’s bio – she was a lovely lady in her 30s but her bio started with; I’ve put on 20 pounds (9 kilos) since these pics were taken.

The request for her date to be local is good and the height specification is functional, but it could be put in a nicer way, as we’ll see later.

The next sentence about wanting to start slowly is slightly confusing; does she want a friend or a partner? Remember the 3 Cs...CLEAR is one of them.

Her Likes are OK, but this whole section doesn’t make her sound passionate about anything. She merely lists a bunch of normal things and ends up with etc etc.

I like the last sentence, though. She’s saying she’s busy because she has had to fill up her spare time. But she is announcing that she is willing to make time for a significant other.

Is she a LEFT or a RIGHT?
As it stands, I’d say LEFT.

On to the men, and let’s go a bit younger.

Male profiles are generally shorter than females, but if they employ the ‘Concise’ element of the 3 Cs, this can be just as effective as a longer spiel.

So here are 3 one line profiles from men in their 20s.
Let’s see how they compare.

Number 1: Looking at my phone, searching for a reason to stop looking at my phone.

Number 2; 8th grade teacher by day. Semi-pretentious craft beer aficionado by night.

Number 3: I’m just a boy, standing in front of a bunch of people on an app and asking them to love me.

Mark says: So, they are all effectively one-liners. The ladies like to talk. The guys don’t.

The first one doesn’t really say much.

Looking at my phone, searching for a reason to stop looking at my phone.

It’s a half-hearted attempt to be humorous, but it doesn’t really work. So our conclusion from this is: here’s a guy who isn’t funny. Nothing else.

Number 2 at least says a few words about himself, but not much, really.

8th grade teacher by day. Semi-pretentious craft beer aficionado by night.

If a Rightswiper was swiping away and had a choice of him, and another guy of equal attractiveness but with a more interesting bio, she’d go for the second one.

But the winner is Number 3, Raul.

I’m just a boy, standing in front of a bunch of people on an app and asking them to love me.

He’s making a cultural reference to a famous romantic comedy ( women love romantic comedies) and at the same time is showing some vulnerability.

Of the three one-liners, I think Number 3 definitely takes it. Swipe Right.

Time to go back to the ladies. This is the bio of a 34 year old female.

New to this so be kind please. Looking for new friends and see where it goes. I’m hardworking, not hard work, and would like to meet similar. God, this sounds so cheesy. Also, I absolutely love shoes. I’ve got one of every colour and style. Found my feet a bit now, although this dating app is a mine field. A good sense of humor is imperative; my favourite pastime is laughing. So if you’re too serious, swipe left, and good luck. I don’t mean to be rude, but bad dental hygiene is a complete NO.

Mark says: We’ve talked about grammar and spelling already, so this is just a reminder that if you are not especially observant when it comes to these things, then get some help before you post.

This lady looks really uncomfortable being on a dating app, which isn’t a good look. It’s almost like she’s saying, I don’t belong here with you weirdos. While she does mention a few aspects of a potential partner that she’s looking for, it’s all a bit mixed up and random. One example of Inside/Outside thinking here; ladies love shoes and get excited about them, a lot! Men couldn’t really care less how many shoes you have. You’re wasting precious time as you try to hook that wonderful Rightswiper.

She does communicate that she likes humor, but that’s pretty much the only message.

I’m not sure about the statement about bad dental hygiene, it’s a bit negative and belittling. Maybe best leave that bit out because I can’t see all the Rightswipers with bad dental hygiene saying to themselves; oh well, that rules me out, then!
It’s a bit like putting on your profile: I don’t like liars or cheats.

If someone is a liar or a cheat, they’re not going to put their hands up and think, well, that’s me done, then! Indeed, if anything, this suggests that you may have been a victim of a liar or cheat in the past, and you could be alerting such people to see you as an easy target.

That’s currently a Swipe Left situation.

Back to the guys and a man who’s in his early 40s.

I’m a creature of contradictions, an athletic bookworm, a night owl who’s an early riser and an active guy who loves to be lazy on Sunday mornings.

I’m always interested in learning new things whether it’s history, politics or the guitar. (I started teaching myself piano last year and am loving the challenge so far.) I can also cook a mean spaghetti dinner.

Mark says: We talked in a previous chapter about how describing yourself as a creature of contradictions (I’m just as happy in a 5-star hotel as I am in a tent) could sound like a boring cliché. But this guy has strapped it down nicely! At the same time, he’s covering a LOT of bases regarding his interests, AND what’s more, he can cook for you.
This leaves the lady wanting to know more, and I rate this as a definite RIGHT swipe.

Talking of swiping right, I really like this profile from a lady in her 50s.

I’m 5 feet 10 (1.78m) so, like Disney World, height restrictions do apply (cribbed that from someone else, but it’s good).

I am an independent lady with a good sense of humor. I like the cinema and enjoy cycling (in the good weather), eating out or just a quiet drink in a bar. I’m hoping to find someone to spend time with and get to know, with a view to a relationship.

Not looking for one-night stands.

Mark says: First of all, it starts with a good joke about height. This does five things in one! It makes the point that she is tall and looking for tall. Also, she does this without being unpleasant. Some profiles say things like; no dwarves! which is going to turn off Rightswipers of all heights. Finally, she demonstrates humor and makes herself look normal and honest (saying that she’d stolen the line from someone else).

So, in one fairly short sentence, this lady has communicated a lot AND dealt with a negative in a nice way.

She slightly ruins it by then stating that she has a good sense of humor, which we already know. However, this is vastly preferable to a woman stating that she is funny. She may be the funniest lady on the planet, but remember the Inside/Outside thinking: you’re trying to attract a man.

Men think they are funny. And to a man, the sound of you laughing at his joke is much more interesting than the sound of himself laughing at your joke.

Sorry, ladies, you have to let him think he’s the funny one. We men have such fragile egos.

Finally, the lady mentions a few activities she likes and manages to wrap up before it gets boring.

A great profile. Swipe Right on that lady.

I noticed in my analysis of thousands of profiles that younger women don’t tend to write them as much as their older sisters! It’s always good to put a few lines up, even if you’re just directing the guys to your Insta.
I’m going to give you one last profile to have a look at and to even things up, it’s from a male in his 50s.

I asked my friends to write a description here. Update: I now have no friends.

I’m a sane, successful, sorted guy, 5 feet 11 (1.81m), with two grown-up kids who are way cooler than me.
My three favorite foods are; toffee cheesecake, vanilla cheesecake and strawberry cheesecake.
Ex radio presenter so I have a pretty speaking voice but I can’t sing for toffee. Not even toffee cheesecake.

I play the piano reasonably well.

I’m not geographically tied, and I have lots of spare time.


Mark says: There’s a lot going on there.

First, as in the last profile, he establishes a sense of humor without saying: hey everyone, I’m funny.
Then he goes on to describe himself, cleverly using alliteration and the Power of Three in the phrase sane, successful, sorted and also establishes the stage he is at in life and emotions for his children, without sounding mawkish.

The cheesecake line is a classic for giving the ladies something to hook on to when messaging. He knows that ladies like cake, and it’s much better than saying he likes ladies’ shoes!

He ups the ante mentioning an unusual job and brings the humor back with the cheesecake.

Finally, he announces his availability and then even asks a question, inviting the Rightswiper to reply.
As with the previous bio, it applies the 3 Cs rule.

It’s definitely clear, it communicates many aspects without getting boring and certainly comes across as conversational.

As I said before, there are so many different ways to write a bio and a bio which is attractive to one person, may not be appealing to another.

There’s no point in trying to attract everyone, so just concentrate on all the aspects we have discussed, avoid all those nasty pitfalls, and stick to the 3 Cs.

A real turn-off on a bio is a list of negatives. These will be quickly filtered left by the Rightswipers, and you’ll be history.

Who wants someone who just moans and complains all the time but blames everybody else for spoiling everything?

No one.

Don’t be afraid to have a look at other profiles of people who are the same sex as you. And even more importantly, pay close attention to the profiles of the Rightswipers you are looking at, this will give you an insight into the mind of the opposite sex.


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